Tom Brady returns as the Patriots face a new scandal

Tom Brady returns as the Patriots face a new scandal

After months of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady fighting his four game suspension over the “Deflategate” scandal, the courts have finally nullified the charges, but his team has once again found itself in hot water.


Judge Richard Berman’s decision to allow Brady to play was made only one week before the Patriots’ first game of the season. On Thursday, the Patriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-21 with four touchdown passes thrown by Brady. The decision to allow Brady to play may have helped win them the game, but the Steelers believe it was foul play that gave them the victory.    


Mike Tomlin

Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin (

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said that it was difficult to communicate using the headsets during the first half of their game against the Patriots because the game’s radio broadcast was interfering. Some may see this occurrence as just a random technical difficulty, but Tomlin says that this happens all the time when playing the Patriots at the Gillette Stadium. Although Tomlin has blamed the opposing team for this problem, the head coach of the Patriots, Bill Belichick, stated that he too was facing the same technical issues.


If both teams had the same technical problems, why was it that Tomlin thought the Patriots were cheating? The NFL has an equality rule which states that when one team isn’t able to use their headset during a game, the other team isn’t allowed to use theirs. According to football reporter Bob Labriola, whenever an NFL representative would go to shut off the Patriots’ headsets, the Steelers’ headsets would immediately start working again. This became even more suspicious when the Steelers’ headsets would get hit with interference again as soon as the NFL representative would leave the Patriots’ sideline.      


“Technical and stadium infrastructure issues of this type happen at many stadiums around the league and whenever there are issues of this nature, we do a thorough review,” said the NFL in a statement on Friday.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had already planned on appealing Judge Berman’s decision to drop Brady’s four game suspension, now he may have even more of a reason to go after the Patriots if they find foul play. The Deflategate investigation took over three months to be completed, so the Patriots’ newest scandal may not be resolved until the second half of the season.            


Should Brady have been allowed to play? Do you think the Patriots cheated during their Steelers game? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.


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