Wi-Fi Sense seen as a security threat by Windows 10 users

Wi-Fi Sense seen as a security threat by Windows 10 users

In late July, Microsoft started rolling out the newest Windows 10 upgrade to customers; although there are a variety of new features, many are focused on Wi-Fi Sense.


Wi-Fi Sense is a new feature on Windows that connects people to your Wi-Fi network without having to give out your password. Not having to expose your password sounds like it would be the more secure option, but many Windows users disagree.


Windows 10 Wi-Fi prompt


This feature knows who to allow on your network by giving access to all of your Facebook friends along with your Outlook and Skype contacts. The problem with giving access to all of these people is that you have to allow all of them on your network or none of them. So what dangers could this present to Windows 10 users?


It becomes easier to hack into devices connected to a network when someone is given access to the network they are attempting to break into. This puts the photos, videos, emails, and personal information on your computer at risk of being stolen. How likely is it that this will create big problems for Windows 10 users?


To allow your contacts onto your personal network, you have to go into the settings to set this feature up; it won’t share your network by default. You are also given the ability to opt out of Wi-Fi Sense by typing “_optout” at the end of the Wi-Fi network’s name.


Your information may be at risk with Wi-Fi Sense, but your friends and online contacts would have to be either in or around your house to attempt a network hack. This makes it very unlikely that your information will be stolen since they can’t hack your network from the concealment of their own home.


The decision to share your network is in your hands, just make sure you are aware of who has access to your network and evaluate any potential threats.


Is using Wi-Fi Sense worth the risk? Will you allow other on your network or will you opt out? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.


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