WhatsApp: A networking trend among millennials

WhatsApp: A networking trend among millennials

Days of lengthy in-person meetings may soon become a thing of the past. In the Kenyan town Maru and the Tanzanian city Arusha, WhatsApp has been successfully implemented as a platform for health workers’ communication.


Generation Y has been bred to communicate best in quick, electronic snippets of information. This leaves the impression that physical meetings, on the other hand, induce boredom and distraction. WhatsApp gives millennial professionals a space that may possibly encourage increased productivity and informational exchange because it is a space that is familiar and aligns with their thought processes.


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Social media platforms have shaped the way millennials act and think and, therefore, are a natural platform for peer networking among millennials. (chartingyourfinancialfuture.com)

Mwanaidi Msangi of the BID Initiative claims that while physical meetings foster the most effective exchange for peer networking, WhatsApp is not as expensive nor lengthy.


“Healthcare workers are encouraged to use the social network to share their experiences and help each other with their responsibilities related to immunization data, collection, and use.”


Beyond sharing experiences, the WhatsApp network has been helpful in sharing supplies. Healthcare facilities with a surplus of certain supplies have been able to lend quick assistance to facilities which lack those supplies.


The BID Initiative plans to continue use of the WhatsApp group. As this group and similar groups expand, interpersonal exchange will flourish. However, it’s important to note the security issues that online exchange presents, and to save the most sensitive topics for physical spaces free of virtual surveillance.


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