Upcoming Apple announcements: Big news or big hype?

Upcoming Apple announcements: Big news or big hype?

Today, Apple will hold their annual Worldwide Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco; some information is finally being released as to what will be presented to developers.


The purpose of this conference is to show software developers the newest software and technology that Apple will be releasing to the public.


During Apple’s 2014 conference, the iPhone 6, Apple Pay, and the Apple Watch were all officially announced. With all of the excitement created at the last conference, it may be difficult for Apple to live up to the high expectations surrounding this year’s event.



Image of a person wearing the Apple watch on their left arm.

The Apple watch, although a recently new product, continues to receive enhancements and improvements. (wired.com)

Although the Apple Watch was just recently released, it looks as if there are already new features for the watch to be announced. Apple will be giving more information on their plans to run apps off of their smartwatches, rather than running them off of the iPhone. By doing this, the apps for the smartwatch will run faster than before.


Not much is currently known about the upcoming iOS 9 update, but more information will be released at Monday’s conference. Some of the known topics that will be announced surrounding Apple’s newest software update include support for Apple’s older devices, a new user interface, bug fixes, and reduced app sizes. The iOS 9 update has the potential to be one of the bigger announcements made.


This conference will also be a chance for Apple to give more information about the Beats streaming service. Little is known about the new music streaming service coming to Apple, but more details on what it does and when it will be released should be solidified by the end of the conference.


It’s hard to say whether this year’s conference will have bigger surprises than previous years, but because so little information has been released, Apple could have a few game-changing announcements up their sleeve.


What are you most excited to hear announced at the conference? Will there be any big surprises? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.

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