The home DNA test that could predict your future

The home DNA test that could predict your future

Christofer Toumazou is an accomplished scientist and inventor. In 2014, Toumazou earned a European Inventor Award with his creation of a USB with a tiny silicon microchip inside of it with the ability to analyze your own DNA. Toumazou has coined a name for his device, the “lab-on-a-chip.”


Now, the medicine field can shift from treatment to early prevention.


Toumazou describes his vision of the USB device:

“My dream was to have a handheld consumer device with … a little USB stick that could look at rapidly screening for genetic mutations of particular diseases, whether it is a predisposition to type two diabetes [or] whether to a type of breast cancer.”


(SG News Portal)

(SG News Portal)

So, how does this “lab-on-a-chip” work?


In the past, you would have to give a sample to a doctor and then that doctor would send it out to a third party who would perform tests and then eventually after 2-3 weeks would be able to give you your results. Toumazou has revolutionized the way DNA analysis is performed.


The USB devices only costs $20, which is a very affordable price. All you need is either a sample of saliva or a quick swab from the inside of the mouth collecting skin samples. The silicon microchip can then perform tests to analyze the DNA in about 30 minutes.


People will be able to take these tests at their doctor’s office or even in the comfort of their own homes. All they would have to do it plug the USB into a laptop, and they could read the results right almost instantaneously.


This could be the first step that leads medical professionals to finding possible cures in the future for predisposed diseases, such as type two diabetes or a form of breast cancer. The test can even reveal intolerance to particular drugs.


EPO Films gives a quick learning lesson on how the microchip collects and analysis the DNA:


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