Pure un-imagination: New mobile app creates entertaining way to not be creative

Pure un-imagination: New mobile app creates entertaining way to not be creative

Smartphones are only as good as their apps, and Dubsmash is the latest app that has caused an online sensation. Dubsmash is an app that allows iPhone and Android users to record a popular sound, song lyric, or movie quote, then dub it into their own recorded videos to post on their social media accounts for the world to see.


It is often the simplest app that gain the biggest success. Nobody would have guessed that Vine, an app that only allows you to record six second videos, would gain enough popularity to rub elbows with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The Dubsmash app has already coined its own nickname for people who use the app — Dubbers. People can’t seem to get enough of these Dubbers’ videos.


Dubsmash was created by a small group of German developers and was launched last November. Since its launch, Dubsmash has been downloaded over 10 million times.



The legality of the app has been called into question, as it allows copyrighted material to be used for free. Technically, the app falls into a grey legal area. Although using copyrighted material for private use, such as emails or personal social media accounts, is legal, it can be illegal if the material is shared openly online.


Other critics have condemned users of the app, saying that it is for people who cannot sing or have no talent. Lip syncing requires no real skills, which is the very reason some people love using the app.


Only time will tell if Dubsmash is the new trending app that will join the second wave of social media apps, like Vine and Snapchat.


Have you used Dubsmash before? How do you feel about the growing popularity of an app that takes control of the creativity? Let us know how you feel about this new trend here or find me on Twitter @jesusgreaser to chat about it.

Jesus Garcia

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