Pin it or buy it?: Pinterest to provide new ‘Buyable Pin’ option

Pin it or buy it?: Pinterest to provide new ‘Buyable Pin’ option

Pinterest is a great source for DIY projects, wedding planning ideas, party decorating tips, and fun organizational methods. Users have been captivated for a few years now, by the ease of clicking a few buttons to save good ideas for later.


The only feature needed to make Pinterest the ultimate market for all things original (kind of) is the one to buy those items. CEO Chao Wang decided to make that dream become a reality. By the end of June, Pinterest will reportedly feature the option to buy certain products users see on their favorite boards.


Screen shot of items that are sold on Shopify.

Shopify is one of the many vendors that Pinterest will be partnering with for their new buyable pin option. (

If a price listed is presented in the color blue, that indicates that to the user has the ability to buy that product. Once a user is satisfied with their selections, they will be able to hit the “Buy It” option and check out of Pinterest using Apple Pay or a credit card. Through Apple Pay, consumers will be provided an extra layer of security protecting their financial information. Once credit card information is entered, Apple Pay will assign an account number to the user; that number will then be provided to the seller. Upon transaction, the Pinterest user can select the Apple Pay method, and the account number will be provided to the seller instead of actual credit card information.


The variety of buyable pins is starting with the usual department stores, like Macy’s and Nordstrom. For all Shopify fans, SOBU and Polar Outdoor Stuff are also compiling selections for purchase on Pinterest. Wang’s press release includes the link to their business blog as a recruitment measure for businesses to utilize Pinterest as a sales tactic. This great feature will be available only through iPhone and iPad applications at first, but plans are underway to expand to other platforms, such as Android or a desktop.


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