‘Metroid’ producer doesn’t understand backlash from fans

‘Metroid’ producer doesn’t understand backlash from fans

“Metroid” fans have waited nine years for another game in the “Prime” series to be released on Nintendo’s DS, but gamers are displeased with the newest “Metroid” announcement.  




At the 2015 E3 event, “Metroid prime: Federation Force” was announced with a short trailer. Fans of the series thought they would be playing as the usual protagonist, Samus, but were disappointed when the trailer showed a new set of heroes. “Metroid” producer, Kensuke Tanabe, couldn’t figure out why there was so much outrage over the game being released as a spin-off series.    



“I was quite surprised by the backlash, because as far as from a development perspective, I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis into game play and the way the game feels when you play it.”


Having smooth gameplay that’s easy to control is an important part of making a game, but this isn’t the only thing that gamers want. A game’s story can make or break a new release, and the reason why “Metroid” built such a strong fanbase was because they loved following Samus’s adventures. Why did Tanabe choose not to pursue the journey of the fan’s favorite character?    


“The whole idea was to have a game that focused on the Federation Forces, the battle with them against the Space Pirates. Since there was no title along that line, I wanted to be able to bring that out this time.”


It makes sense that Tanabe would want to explore a different aspect of the “Metroid” universe, but by doing this he ignored the fan’s expectations. Had Nintendo released another DS title featuring Samus in recent years, gamers may have welcomed a spin-off. However, after going almost 10 years with no Samus, there is very little support for the game.  


Despite the negative image surrounding this “Metroid” title, Tanabe remains positive and believes this public relations disaster is the “perfect chance for me to turn the table around and get people to start liking it.”


Will you still play the newest “Metroid” title? Do you think the fans will come around to the game once it’s finally released? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon


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