Latest matchmaking app, Tindog, caters to puppy love

Latest matchmaking app, Tindog, caters to puppy love

The internet has become the ultimate modern day matchmaker, but a new app’s “puppy love” approach to making love connections is changing things up in the world of online dating.


Tindog is an app for dog owners to create profiles of their trusty companions, and then use those profiles to find compatible dogs in their area. The app takes the focus off of people and places it on dogs instead.


Like Tinder, Tindog suggests nearby matches for an individual’s dog and even has the same swipe feature — swipe left for undesirable matches, and swipe right for appealing ones.  When two owners have approved each other’s dog profiles, they can begin chatting and may arrange a playdate.


Screen shot of Tindog, an app used for owners to find matches for their puppies

Tindog is an app for dog owners to use their pets to find a match or to find a match for their pets.(

While the focus of Tindog is to find dog companions, it also turns pets into a human’s perfect wingmen. Each profile has an option for owners to specify whether their dogs are looking for matches for themselves, or for their owners. The latter essentially fulfills the same goal of other major matchmaking sites — making love connections between people, just with a novel approach by allowing people to connect through their dogs.


There are already several matchmaking apps in existence, and new ones may have difficulty gaining popularity and a solid user base. This means it is essential for new apps to present something entirely fresh that plays on the success of making connections with another person. In being able to accomplish that, Tindog has created a brand that can stand apart from its counterparts due to its familiar, yet unique concept and interface.


Tindog is now available on Android and iOS.


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