Jibo: Big plans for a little robot

Jibo: Big plans for a little robot

Robots created with the intent to battle have increased in numbers over the last few years, but now there is a family robot on the market that is programmed to be social rather than hostile.


In May, the social robot, Jibo, was officially released for pre-ordering at $749. However, the robots will not be shipped until Spring 2016.


Cynthia Breazeal, founder of Jibo, Inc.

Cynthia Breazeal, founder of Jibo, Inc., reveals details of the social robot but continues to enhance its capabilities. (spectrum.ieee.org)

Jibo was created as a multi-purpose robot to be stationed in the owners home. Dr. Cynthia Breazeal, founder of Jibo, Inc., developed this robot for the mainly to educate children and manage elderly health care.


The robot is programmed to perform a multitude of features, including teaching basic math to a child or daily reminders to take medication. It can also be utilized to take photos and record videos and even has voice and face recognition capabilities. Dr. Breazeal is continuing to recruit developers in order to create more apps that will expand the robot’s versatility.


Funds were first raised for the creation of this robot through Indiegogo, one of the largest crowdfunding sites. Around $2.3 million was raised for the project last summer, and in January, another $25.3 million had been raised after big name investors gained an interest in the project.


Some of Jibo’s biggest investors include RRE Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Two Sigma, and CRV. Now that Jibo has big backers, the robot’s potential could increase greatly. Many are curious about the capabilities of this social robot, but it will be close to a year before Jibo will make its way into homes for customers to see for themselves.


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