Hot topics in health: Researchers develop robotic glove to help patients overcome stroke impairments

Hot topics in health: Researchers develop robotic glove to help patients overcome stroke impairments

While advancements are consistently being made in how we treat and rehabilitate individuals who have suffered from a stroke, the impairments that continue to disrupt patients’ lives even after treatment has ended remain a major issue. Scientists and physicians have largely sought to find a way to target impairments that persist in the chronic stages of stroke.


A team of researchers at the University of Hertfordshire, along with European partners, has now managed to turn that goal into a reality. The team has developed a prototype for a robotic glove that can be used by patients who have suffered from a stroke to take control of their treatment by supporting self-rehabilitation within their own home.


The robotic glove helps stroke patients target impairments by helping them perform repetitive arm movement to practice moving their hands and wrists (

The robotic glove helps stroke patients perform repetitive arm movements to practice moving their hands and wrists (

This is accomplished through the facilitation of repetitive arm movements and exercises of the hand and wrist by the glove. The glove also keeps track of each patient’s movements and performance in order to relay that information back to therapists and establish personalized treatment.


The development of the glove has been an ongoing process over the past three years, but the positive research findings of the project have proven promising, and the team is now looking at getting the glove into production.


This robotic glove is a clear demonstration of the importance of utilizing modern technology to move forward. This is a fact that holds true in any industry, as it is essential to remain aware of how changes and advancements within society can be applied to your purpose and used to achieve your unique goals.


Beyond this, it is great example of how technology can be used to help personalize medical treatment. Being able to tailor treatment to a patient, much as we tailor a communication message to our audience in PR, is a key component of realizing the best possible results with a target individual or group. By monitoring progress and facilitating personalized treatment, this robotic glove enables therapists to address each patient with a unique plan catered to their specific needs.


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