Google’s self-driving car to hit roads this summer

Google’s self-driving car to hit roads this summer

In recent weeks, the world has been been exposed to technological marvels ranging from industrial desalination to homes that can be powered by personal batteries. Google plans on taking the next step towards creating a popular tech previously only found in science fiction: the self-driving car.


Google has been working in-house on developing the vehicle and conducting test drives since 2009. This summer, the Google self-driving car will finally take to the streets of Mountain View, California. Taking the car off the track and onto real roads will introduce new factors for observation, such as stoplights and unpredictable obstructions. Additionally, Google has allowed average people to test out the car; this tactic has proved that a market does exist for the self-driving car.



However, this endeavor still has its faults.  There is a record of 11 fender benders involving Google self-driving cars, but the company holds firm that none of those incidents occurred by fault of the autonomous car. Other hurdles will still need to be challenged, but nonetheless it appears that momentum is building towards a major shift in how we perceive our personal vehicles.


Bumper view of Google's self-driving car

Nissan will also be experimenting with the self-driving car technology in addition to Google. (Getty images)

Google is not the only company taking a crack at this new technology. Nissan is also developing a self-driving car, which they plan to have ready within the next five years. The first step towards bringing self-driving cars to the mainstream may come in the form of Uber, who also plans to innovate a completely automated taxi service within the next few years. The quality setting Google apart is the company’s plan to remove the steering wheel completely.


This sort of developing possesses some immense implications. A commuter’s perspective on transit could change entirely, and the number of accidents and DUIs could decrease or become non-existent.


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