Google training 1 million Africans

Google training 1 million Africans

Google Inc. is pitching in its own effort at fighting unemployment problems in Africa. It has announced plans to train a million people across Africa in digital skills from next year. Of the million, 300,000 will come from South Africa, 400,000 from Nigeria, 200,000 from Kenya, and 100,000 from other countries south of the Sahara. Those selected will receive free digital training in either one of the two programs revealed as Digify Bytes and Digify Pro.


While Digify Bytes will give digital skills to young people looking to develop a digital career, Digify Pro will train digital specialists for jobs in companies or agencies in a 3-month intensive program. When announcing the planned programs, Google also launched an online learning portal specially designed for people living in African countries. The website uses low data consumption and offers free courses in digital skills.


(Official Google Africa Blog)

(Official Google Africa Blog)

Google’s Digify Bytes and Digify Pro programs are developed in partnership with Livity Africa. All programs, including the website, will be teaching recipients on content development, web design, social media tactics, building mobile apps, and much more. The company believes that it is bridging the knowledge gap between Africa’s poorly developed digital skills set and the growing number of internet users across the continent.


A larger internet presence will apparently lead to more opportunities for digital businesses. Google’s representatives have stated that through this training they want to encourage Africans to use the opportunities for wealth creation through business development and growth available via the Internet. The company has plans to reach and train more young people in even more African countries.


On one hand, Google’s actions are laudable. However, there are a few speculations that this most recent training scheme may be a means to reduce scrutiny into accusations of low tax payments outside the United States often leveled at firms, such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.


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