Facebook’s new app keeps site relevant, presents innovative take on social video-sharing

Facebook’s new app keeps site relevant, presents innovative take on social video-sharing

In an increasingly digital world where the internet is a hub for interaction and social connections, social media has become a staple in our everyday lives. The ever-changing social media scene has simultaneously proven how easy it is for social media sites and platforms to fade into the folds of the web when they fail to adapt to new trends and users. This is a harsh reality that has been proven by once popular but now irrelevant sites like MySpace and LiveJournal.


For long-reigning social media giant Facebook, permeability, innovation, adaptability have proven crucial in keeping the site relevant. Now with the launch of the latest addition to its app suite, Facebook has taken yet another step in the direction of solidifying its continued relevance.


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Riff, a Facebook Creative Labs app, is at its root a video-sharing application. Facebook wanted to take the popular trend of creating and sharing video content via social media a step further. Rather than focusing solely on the aspect of giving each individual the opportunity to create and share videos across the platform, Facebook decided to play on the concept of collaborative video-making.


Anybody can start by uploading their own 20-second video with a topic of their choice — ex. #AprilFools or #BalancingAct. From there, friends can not only view your video, but they may choose to add their own clip to your video based on the same topic. The video can continue to spread to friends’ friends, who will also have the option of adding to the video. In no time, a story featuring a diverse collection of faces and voices is born — a story that started from a single clip.


With the launch of Riff, Facebook has not only proven its ability to expand and build on its features according to consumer demand and social media trends, but it has proven its ability to do so while staying true to the same kind of innovation that gave birth to the site.


As Facebook gets a piece of the video-sharing action that has proven popular thanks to social apps like Snapchat and Vine, it has built an app with a unique take on the feature. The launch of Riff has allowed Facebook to remain relevant as a social media brand while preventing it from getting lost in the mix of other platforms that offer similar features.


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