E-sports rapidly becoming mainstream

E-sports rapidly becoming mainstream

Video games were once condemned as something nerds played in their parents’ basements, but are now being played on a world stage with audiences of millions.


E-sports, which stands for electronic sports, are organized competitions that feature multiplayer video games. These types of competitions have been around for many years, but they have recently been receiving more attention on the national level.


Winners at "Dota 2" International Championships

The International is a tournament for all “Dota 2” players and recruits enough to have a prize pool of millions. (thenypost.files.wordpress.com)

Valve Corporation’s popular game, “Dota 2,” is one of the many competitive video games being featured in tournaments. The “Dota 2” tournament, The International, is the biggest tournament the game has, with last year’s prize pool totaling $11 million. This competition streamed on ESPN 3, and it did so well that ESPN would like to continue expanding their e-sports broadcasting.   


The International continues to remain the biggest “Dota 2” tournament, and currently has a prize pool of over $9 million and growing with over two months left for entry. The prize pool increases for every purchase of a $10 Compendium, which provides exclusive in-game items and allows the buyer to make predictions surrounding the tournament.


E-sports are now on the same level as many athletic sports in terms of viewership. The “League of Legends” Season 3 World Championship had 32 million spectators in 2013. This tournament beat out the MLB World Series and the NCAA Basketball Final Four in number of viewers combined that year.


The public perception of video games is changing for the better with the growing popularity of e-sports. Soon, athletic sports and electronic sports could potentially be broadcast regularly through the same channels.


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