Bungie reaches out to ‘Destiny’ community with newest hire

Bungie reaches out to ‘Destiny’ community with newest hire

Everyone dreams that the perfect job offer at the perfect company for the perfect position will just fall into their laps, but this dream became reality for one gamer.


Last Wednesday, Bungie’s community manager, DeeJ, announced an interesting new hire on the video game company’s forum. Bungie’s newest employee, Cozmo, was hired as a community manager after DeeJ’s workload became too much.


“The fact of the matter is that there are too many of you for me to handle alone,” said DeeJ in his Bungie forum announcement.


Cozmo was sought out because of his heavy involvement in the “Destiny” community, which is a game created by Bungie. Before he was hired, Cozmo created and ran the subreddit r/DestinyTheGame, which has almost 190,000 subscribers.


Now that Bungie has hired a community manager that is deeply involved in the “Destiny” community, there may be a better communication line open between gamers and developers. Cozmo’s duties make him somewhat of an ambassador for fans of “Destiny.”


“My job is to be your voice, or at least your interpreter, filtering the firehose of information on Bungie.net – as well as on social media. I’ll also be empowering all of you to keep creating the great community content that we all enjoyed throughout year one,” said Cozmo.



It’s likely that Cozmo was brought on because of the upcoming release of “Destiny: The Taken King,” which is an expansion for the original game. The “Destiny” subreddit is filled with posts reaching out to Bungie with updates they would like to see now that an expansion is being released. Some of the suggestions include armor set bonuses, better rewards, battle horns, and more frequent ammo spawns.


Bungie’s decision to hire Cozmo was a big step in reaching out to the “Destiny” community. As long as Bungie actually listens to what Cozmo has to say on behalf of the community, this could be a positive public relations move for the company.


How will Bungie’s newest community manager help represent the “Destiny” community? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.  


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