BlizzCon announcements fall short of grand expectations

BlizzCon announcements fall short of grand expectations

Blizzard made some big announcements at the developer’s annual BlizzCon convention, but some of the gaming news released has rubbed gamers the wrong way.


The “Hearthstone” card game’s senior game designer, Ben Brode, announced the game’s next expansion, “The League of Explorers.” This new adventure gives “Hearthstone” players 45 new cards, and will be made available for purchase on Nov. 12. While some fans of the game are excited to see an all new expansion coming so soon, others have shown their disappointed over this announcement.


The last “Hearthstone” expansion, “The Grand Tournament,” was released at the end of August, so many believe this next installment is coming out too soon. There has also been a lot of upset “Hearthstone” players lately because some gamers feel Blizzard has done a poor job balancing their game. Blizzard’s decision to quickly develop a new expansion has been viewed by many in the “Hearthstone” community as the company releasing a for-profit balance solution, rather than reworking older cards in a free update.


"Discover" option in "Hearthstone"

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While this expansion doesn’t seem to be the perfect fix to some of the game’s problems, it could prove to be quite helpful. Brode announced the new “discover” mechanic, which lets the player choose between three random cards. This helps give players more control over the randomness of the game, which “Hearthstone” has been criticised for heavily in recent months.



Blizzard also used this year’s convention to release more information on their first-person shooter, “Overwatch,” that’s currently in its beta testing phase. Blizzard’s last two titles, “Hearthstone” and “Heroes of the Storm,” were released from beta as free-to-play games, so many thought that “Overwatch” would be the same. Gamers were disappointed to hear that “Overwatch” will be given a $40 price tag for its standard edition.


“Overwatch” may not be free, but Blizzard has said that they won’t charge players to unlock playable characters like they did with “Heroes of the Storm.” Gamers still have the option to sign up for the beta, so they will have plenty of time to decide if it’s worth the $40 cost. A specific release date for “Overwatch” isn’t known, but Blizzard plans on releasing the game before the end of June.             


What are your reactions to the gaming news announced at BlizzCon? Will you purchase any of Blizzard’s new expansions or games? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.


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