Another Uber controversy arises in Seoul

Another Uber controversy arises in Seoul

Surprise! There’s been yet another Uber controversy — this time in Seoul, South Korea.


UberX is among the various services offered by the international transportation company. Unlike other Uber services, UberX promises budget prices.


Uber initially faced issues with their operation in Seoul last July. Local authorities claimed that Uber was illegal in the country because unregistered vehicles couldn’t collect fees for taxi services.

UberX is the cheapest of Uber's services.

UberX is the cheapest of Uber’s services. (


An Uber spokesperson responded that this move put Seoul “in danger of remaining trapped in the past and getting left behind by the global ‘sharing economy’ movement.”


Perhaps in a PR move to appease Seoul’s Transport Division, Uber made UberX rides free earlier this month. Shortly before this, the city promised to reward any official reporting of Uber drivers.


This didn’t work, though; Seoul has stopped all UberX services in the city. Regardless, Uber claims that UberX service will return to Seoul.


To successfully continue their expansion, it seems as if Uber needs to work on their brand image. After so much controversy, the public seems to have been left with a bad taste in their mouth.


Probably in an effort to rebrand themselves, Uber has promised to hire one million female drivers within the next five years. Time will tell if such moves will help to reshape public perception of the company.


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