Amazon takes online shopping to the next level with same day delivery

Amazon takes online shopping to the next level with same day delivery

Few can argue against the convenience of online shopping; one can shop for anything, from books to exercise equipment, and with a few clicks of a button, it is delivered straight to the doorstep.


One of the only inherent drawbacks is the waiting period, which can range anywhere from a few days to a month, for a product to ship. Online shopping giant Amazon is rectifying this problem by introducing free same-day delivery for members of their Prime service.


Previously, Prime memberships made Amazon members eligible for guaranteed two-day shipping; with this new service, products ordered before noon will arrive before 9 p.m. that day. Amazon will take their time rolling out the service. To start, only 14 major cities — including Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco — will offer it.


The deliveries will also only be free for orders over $35, with a $5.99 charge added to orders less than the $35 minimum total. A Prime membership itself costs $99 per year, so this is very reasonable for an avid online shopper. Same-day delivery could alter the chaos associated with things like Christmas shopping and Black Friday.


Aerial view of Amazon's distribution center

Amazon will hire 6,000 new employees within the distribution to expedite the company’s new same-day shipping feature. (

To make this work, the company’s nationwide distribution centers will hire a total of 6,000 new workers. If Amazon can effectively handle the strain of this revolutionary new feature, the payoff could be massive. The Guardian reports that the biggest complaint from most online shoppers is that the purchased goods arrive late.


This is not the first time Amazon has innovated the marketplace; the introduction of the Kindle brought e-readers to the mainstream, and their instant video marketplace has experienced great success over the last few years.


With companies like Uber expanding into the delivery sector as well, Amazon seems to be taking the necessary steps to stay ahead of the competition.


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