5 ways analytics can improve your digital business

5 ways analytics can improve your digital business

Analytics involve using statistics to gain useful knowledge from data. There are of utmost important to businesses looking to connect with markets and audiences using a digital platform. When implementing business decisions, data collected from consumers always beats opinion and aids in crafting strategies.


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Courtesy of Rainy Lemon, a company that provides digital marketing and analytics services, here are five ways to use analytics in improving your business.


Clarify your objective

As a business, you will need to outline your objectives first of all. Not only do your objectives inform how you market your products and/or brand, they also act as a blueprint that will remind you where you are going. Objectives can also help you stand out from competition. You may be trying to gain your audience’s attention from your competition, but knowing your objectives gives a unique perspective to your campaigns.


Collect the right data

Before creating strategies, you will need to ensure that you have the right data. When data mining, you may need to sift through the data that is coming from humans or bots. The right data will be that is coming from your target audience. Collecting data from them will enable you to better target your audience, and speak to them directly with successful campaigns.


Always run tests

It is necessary to run testing on campaigns or websites, and constantly. On an e-commerce website, for example, studying helps you discover which pages convert more visitors into buyers. You can then use this to inform future strategies. Another example is with website landing pages; when testing them, pay attention to details as little as font color. Identify which variants are working after studying a few months of trial and stick to them.


Add a search engine

Visitors to your website will likely not have time to scroll through your entire archive. Chances are they will only spend about 30 seconds on your page before losing interest. Adding a site search, easily identifiable with a button on your homepage, will enable visitors to search through and find out what you are offering. Tracking what visitors search for enables you to understand what they want. You can also provide products based on site searches.


Track campaigns

Any marketing campaign created must be tracked. As a business owner, you need to know what your marketing is doing and make intelligent decisions based on the results. Campaigns may need revamping based on the results that are coming from your clients and/or audience.


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