Which social media channel is right for your home business?

Which social media channel is right for your home business?

When you’re managing your own business at home, there are already a million things to do. The last thing you need is to add in the headache of learning to navigate the murky waters of social media for business — especially because the list of social channels only seems to be getting longer by the second! Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and more, and they’re all being optimized for business.


Rest assured, your business doesn’t need all of these outlets to reach the right customers; you just have to choose the channels smartest for your business.


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Graphic artists and web designers: Instagram, Pinterest, and DeviantArt

For professional graphic artists and web designers, you’ll want to choose an outlet that allows you to showcase your visual talents. Instagram is owned by Facebook and is one of the fastest growing social channels — with one of the largest groups of social influencers in the game. Getting your art noticed or shared by one of these big names can be career changing.

Pinterest and DeviantArt, on the other hand, act as an online portfolio of your work. Pinterest gives you the advantage of your work being easily shared through other Pinners, but DeviantArt is a well-known and respected channel for artists. Either way, these offer a handy portfolio link for you to offer potential clients.


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Bloggers and content writers: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr

What’s one thing all of these social channels have in common? They’re all used by professionals. With Twitter and LinkedIn, you’re given the obvious opportunity to connect with the right business owners in your niche writing field. Both of these social media outlets can bring you miles closer to the world’s most highly respected professionals, if you use them properly.

Tumblr began as a blogging website and has turned into a social networking giant, with a focus on the millennial market. Tumblrs can be a great place to house your writing portfolio. You can even publish your Tumblr to a personalized URL, so you maintain your brand’s image.


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Products through Etsy, StoreEnvy, eBay, etc.: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest


The e-commerce site that hosts your store is not enough for reaching people searching for products like yours. In a world where everyone is trying to turn their passions into money online, you need to go the extra mile. Facebook is an obvious outlet because everyone uses Facebook. You’ll have the biggest reach with this social channel.

Instagram and Pinterest, as they do with graphic designers, will act as a portfolio of your goods. For Instagram, there’s the added bonus of being a medium for direct communication with your customers, as they can ask questions about the item directly on each photo.


What kind of business are you running at home? Let’s talk networking here in the comments or on Twitter @TiffaniJPurdy, and you can find me here next week in our Work at Home Wednesdays series!


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