Which Brands Pulled the Best April Fools’ Day Pranks?

Which Brands Pulled the Best April Fools’ Day Pranks?

April Fools’ Day: A day when brands and individuals alike pull out the stops to prank us gullible and unsuspecting consumers. This year was no exception. Brands like Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Netflix all got in on the action. Not all brands are able to pull off a good April Fools’ prank – some because they can’t, others because they shouldn’t. Here are the brands that went all in, made us think, and gave us a chuckle or two and along the way.


Google’s “Smartbox

Because email is just too easy. The Smartbox is a high-tech, curbside mailbox with all the features of an email inbox. You receive notifications on your mobile phone when new snail mail arrives in your mailbox – the Smartbox even provides outdoor temperature readings and delivers electric shocks when mail delivery carriers attempt to deliver spam. Dear Google, we know this was just a prank, but someone needs to make this a reality ASAP.


Samsung’s “Galaxy for Chefs”

The GalaxyBlade edge is the world’s first “Smart Knife” with smartphone capabilities. It’s water and fire proof and includes safety features and an s-thermometer that serves as a wireless meat and baking tool. The smart knife is a must have for chefs and home cooks alike. Really Samsung, Really?

Samsung Galaxy Blade Picture

Samsung finally came up with an explanation for its edge displays.










Amazon “Circa 1999”

Amazon took us back 16 years when it redesigned its website to look exactly as it did in 1999. The redesign came complete with books and movie recommendations, all linked to April Fools’ day. Amazon informed everyone that the website design was a joke, but the Dash Button, a service that enables you to reorder frequently used household items like detergent, diapers, and toothpaste, is a real product. Jeff Bezos is keeping us lazy one innovation at a time.

Amazon Website Screenshot

Amazon goes old-school for April Fools Day


Target’s “Fanny Basket”

The retailer that prides itself on innovation launched a wearable shopping basket tagged the “Fanny Basket”. Target seems to have found a new use for the fanny pack, rather than just a way for us to spot and laugh at tourists. Extra points to Target for an almost-convincing BuzzFeed article.

Target Fanny Basket Picture

Target pokes fun at its iconic shopping basket








Dominos Pizza’s #DomiNoDriver

Dominos Pizza announced that it’s introducing a driverless delivery service. That’s right. You now have the option of having a self-driving Dominos pizza-delivery vehicle. The DomiCopter was an April Fools’ prank, but with Google’s self-driving cars and Amazon’s drone deliveries, it doesn’t seem too far fetched.

Domino's Pizza Domicopter Picture

Dominos Pizza’s Domicopter may provide a glimpse into the future of food delivery









Sound off in the comments. Which brand pulled your favorite prank and which one missed the mark? Did you hear about a prank we missed? Tell us about it in the comments section or tweet me @mo_yee



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