Uber Safe promotes safety on the road, revamps brand image

Uber Safe promotes safety on the road, revamps brand image

Uber is no stranger to the headlines. Unfortunately for the car ride service, its time spent in the news has been more damaging to the company. Negative headline after negative headline have continued to taint Uber’s image and reputation in the public eye.


Uber’s latest headline, however, is a significant deviation from this unfortunate pattern, thanks to Uber Toronto’s most recent effort to change the way people see the company at large.


In an effort to simultaneously improve brand image, Uber Toronto has created Uber Safe — a kiosk that acts as a breathalyzer that not only lets you know if you are too drunk to drive, but also helps you get home, if you are intoxicated.


The kiosk, placed outside of several bars in Canada, uses disposable straws that people blow into, to measure blood alcohol level. In the event that the blood alcohol level is over the legal limit, Uber Safe offers the individual a ride home.


According to Uber Toronto, the ultimate goal of Uber Safe is to help avoid incidents that occur as a result of drunk driving. The kiosk essentially has the potential to make safe, affordable transportation easily accessible where it is most necessary.


The launch of Uber Safe could improve the image of the brand. Moreover, its emphasis on safety and responsibility can be appreciated by the public.


In order for the public to believe in Uber’s new image, it is important for the brand to stay away from a scandal and be aware of the public’s need to hold them accountable for any wrongdoing.


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