Southwest Airlines staff prevents woman from saving her husband

Southwest Airlines staff prevents woman from saving her husband

When you hear of a tragedy involving an airplane, it’s usually the people thousands of feet in the air that were at risk, not those in their own homes.


Karen Momsen-Evers was on a Southwest Airlines flight out of New Orleans when she received a suicidal text from her husband. The text read: “Karen please forgive me for what I am about to do, I am going to kill myself…”


Momsen-Evers did the only thing she could do to prevent her husband Andy’s suicide; she attempted to call him. Before she could reach her husband, a flight attendant on board slapped the phone, and Momsen-Evers was told to put it on airplane mode.  After asking multiple flight attendants while in tears, they still refused to let her make the call. She even pleaded for the flight attendants to make an emergency call, but her request was once again rejected.


Karen Momsen-Evers, whose husband committed suicide when she was en route from New Orleans on board a Southwest Airlines flight.

Southwest Airlines issued a comment extending their condolences to Karen Momsen-Evers after she was unable to attempt to prevent her husband’s suicide due to in-flight cell phone protocol. (

By the time the plane landed Momsen-Evers was finally able to call the police, but her husband had already perished.


Flight attendants are trained to go to the captain in the event of an emergency situation, according to Southwest Airlines. Despite this training, not one flight attendant on board that day mentioned anything about Momsen-Evers to the plane’s captain.


Southwest Airlines hasn’t mentioned whether or not there will be consequences for the flight attendants, but they did respond to the incident by saying: “Our hearts go out to the Evers family during this difficult time.” They also offered Momsen-Evers a refund for her flight.


Momsen-Evers will need more than a few words and a refund to make up for not having the chance to save her husband.


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