Seaworld’s announcement expands much farther than theme parks

Seaworld’s announcement expands much farther than theme parks

SeaWorld has recently announced that they are going to put a stop to their controversial shows using orcas. Their claim that they are no longer going to breed orcas for use at the theme park is being declared as a step towards animal protection and conservation. For years, SeaWorld has been subject to bad publicity after the deaths of two trainers and the widespread outrage after the release of “Blackfish,” the theme park is finally taking action. 



But take a step back from Seaworld, and the existence of animal cruelty throughout the waters continues to exist. Many of the conflicts wild whales face are assisted by human intervention. Dr. Conor Ryan, a researcher for the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, says that “the prospects for the population were never good, but now they’re worse.” These whales bear the brunt of humanity, with pollution and the effects of climate change, which results in weakened females and reduced food sources for the whales.  


Also, man-made noise being produced in the sea has dramatically increased. Underwater noise made by ship traffic, oil and gas exploration, scientific research activities, and the use of military sonar are making it difficult for underwater animals to communicate, navigate, and monitor their surroundings. Clicks produced by whales from hundreds of kilometers away are used for finding food, traveling along coastlines, and migration to and from breeding grounds. These actions are essential for the species’ survival. The disruption of these natural instincts caused by humans has been the direct cause of death for whales.


An article written by Philip Hoare called, “Stopping SeaWorld isn’t enough. The fight must now go to the open oceans” says:

“We can only countenance what we do to them, and their environment, because we forget that we are animals, too.”


What do you think of Seaworld’s announcement? What else can we do to help the population of orcas and other species of sea animals? Tweet me @julimiller97 with your opinions.

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