Sabra recalls 30,000 containers of potentially contaminated hummus

Sabra recalls 30,000 containers of potentially contaminated hummus

Hummus has surged in popularity over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why. The chickpea based spread possesses a high protein and fiber content, providing a healthy alternatives to other dips, such as guacamole and ranch. Sales have experienced steady growth over the last decade, taking it from a rare find to a staple of the American diet. However, one would be advised to exercise caution when indulging in this snack, at least for the near-future.


Popular brand of various hummus products, Sabra, recently recalled 30,000 containers of their “Classic Hummus” due to reports of possible Listeria infections during a recent inspection. Listeria is a bacterium that can cause infections (ranging from mild to severe) in one’s digestive system. Symptoms of a Listeria infection often resemble the flu; they include nausea, fever, headache, as well as gastrointestinal distress. Among children and adults with weakened immune systems, these symptoms can be more severe. Pregnant women may also risk complications if exposed to Listeria.


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While this situation can create an absolute PR nightmare for a company like Sabra, they have handled the crisis incredibly well. Taking cue from the recent tactics employed by Amy’s Kitchen — who experienced similar Listeria contamination — Sabra initiated their recall both swiftly and voluntarily. Rather than wait for the Food and Drug Administration to sort the matter out, Sabra has shown their concerns are for the health and safety of their consumers.


The public generally responds favorably when companies show themselves to react responsibly in a time of crisis. Millennials have earned a reputation for themselves as the generation concerned with social responsibility; they collectively have an active disdain for large companies that do not seem to care about everyday people. The amount of care and responsible conduct that Sabra has exercised in this matter will carry a great deal of favor with the public, who sees Sabra trying to help.


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