Hillary Clinton could face PR problem over criminal investigation

Hillary Clinton could face PR problem over criminal investigation

With the 2016 Democratic primaries getting closer, now is not the time for Hillary Clinton to have a public relations disaster, but she may be facing one nonetheless.


Last Thursday, The New York Times reported that two inspectors general put in a request to the U.S. Department of Justice to open a criminal investigation over the mishandling of classified information. They believe that this information was sent through Clinton’s personal email account when she was Secretary of State.


In March, Clinton stated at a news conference that she “did not email any classified material to anyone on my [personal] email.” To prove her innocence, Clinton released 30,000 emails sent during her time as Secretary of State.


Inspector General Charles McCullough (bostonglobe.com)

Inspector General Charles McCullough (bostonglobe.com)

According to Inspector General Charles McCullough, a sample size of 40 emails were looked into, and four of them were found to be holding classified information. Officials from the State Department Freedom of Information Act told McCullough that there could be hundreds of classified emails within the 30,000 emails provided by Clinton.


If a criminal investigation is started, Clinton may have a problem with her bid for president, even if no charges are brought against her. Clinton is under fire at the moment, but she doesn’t believe an investigation will occur.


“It is now more clear than ever that The New York Times report claiming there is a criminal inquiry sought in Hillary Clinton’s use of email is false,” said Clinton’s campaign spokesman Nick Merrill.


A criminal investigation has yet to be opened to look into the matter, and it’s possible that one will not take place. However, if evidence continues to prove there was classified information in Clinton’s emails, it becomes more likely that a PR storm is coming for the Democratic front-runner.


Should a criminal investigation be opened to further look into this matter? Will an investigation occur? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.


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