Hillary 2016: Are the Public Scandals too Much to Overcome?

Hillary 2016: Are the Public Scandals too Much to Overcome?

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presumptive run for the presidency in 2016 has been paved with many troubles. There were there the alleged foreign monetary donations made to the Clinton Foundation while Clinton was Secretary of State, and most recently, her use of private email accounts to conduct government business caused a storm of media controversy.


All these scandals have left people questioning Clinton’s suitability for the presidency and has some Democrats scrambling for another option. Americans have proven they can forgive a scandal; however, they’re not fond of repeat offenders. What can Hillary do to fight back and overcome these scandals?


Outwardly, Hillary comes across with a sense of entitlement to the Democratic ticket. Perhaps this is because she has no real competition. However, she needs to work for the nomination, or at least give off that pretense. Continuing on with her laid-back approach to the nomination won’t bode well for her come election day. She needs to take a few trips to Iowa or New Hampshire — shake some hands and give speeches on important hot-button issues like minimum wage and equal pay.



Hillary Clinton Campaign Picture

Hillary Clinton Campaigning in 2008

Additionally, Clinton needs to clear the air once and for all about these scandals. The media plays a major role in the electoral process, and it’s time for Clinton to acknowledge the power that lies in the medium. Appearing closed off connotes that she has something to hide.


Perhaps she should take a page from Governor Chris Christies media playbook and do a press conference or town hall meeting where she can stand before the public, take media questions, and give open, honest answers. This will clear the air, silence the critics, and eliminate any more fodder from the opposition.


A qualified candidate, what Clinton lacks in charisma she makes up for with her years of legislative and foreign policy experience. She’s better off with these scandals coming out now as opposed to during the campaign. Humility and transparency are the first steps. Add an organized campaign and an effective communications strategy that touches Democratic Party and the American people who want to support her, and she might overcome these scandals and sail through to the primaries.


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