Beech-Nut builds positive brand image through crisis communications following recall

Beech-Nut builds positive brand image through crisis communications following recall

For food companies and manufacturers, a recall can spell disaster as questionable product quality begins to stain brand image and negatively influence the trust of consumers.


Many food companies have proven that with the proper crisis management and approach to communications, a problematic situation can be transformed into an opportunity to exhibit positive values, as well as genuine concern and loyalty to customers. Now, popular baby food brand Beech-Nut is the latest company to be following this route.


After a single report arose regarding one customer’s discovery of a small piece of glass in a jar of Beech-Nut baby food, the company quickly initiated a voluntary recall of certain jars of its Classics Stage 2 Sweet Potato & Chicken product.


Beech Nut baby food recalled select batches of its baby food

Beech-Nut created a mini-site to give consumers details on the recall, including information about which products in particular are affected by the recall (

A situation that could have easily damaged the brand is proving to do nothing of the sort; thanks to the company’s commitment to providing consumers with a sincere, transparent response throughout the crisis.


In a fashion similar to Amy’s Kitchen, Beech-Nut has not only announced the recall on various social media outlets and dedicated a mini-site to providing consumers with details on the recall, but it has also made a strong effort to respond to all consumers’ concerns personally. The company has worked on going through and responding to all customer questions and posts individually.


Aside from Beech-Nut’s exceptional commitment to its customers and attention to their needs during this recall, it is also important to note that the company’s use of language in its public apology further reflects positively on the brand.


Beech-Nut did not craft a tactful statement of apology that protected the brand by drawing attention away from the issue or redirecting blame, but quite simply because the company managed to say what so many others seem to have trouble saying: that a mistake was made, and the company is sorry.


By offering a simple apology and acknowledging that the expectations of parents and families who put their faith in the brand were not made, Beech-Nut has demonstrated a level of sincerity and integrity that is often compromised by brands in moments of crisis as they scramble to protect their image. The company’s ability to preserve those qualities at a time when customers need to see it most can mean all the difference between losing customer respect and gaining it.


As it handles this crisis, Beech-Nut is clearly achieving the latter.


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