5-hour Energy creator using his fortune to help the world

5-hour Energy creator using his fortune to help the world

The creator of 5-hour Energy, Manoj Bhargava, has decided to make the philanthropic move to give 99 percent of his $4 billion fortune away to fix problems that are affecting people across the globe. Bhargava is currently attempting to end the energy crisis with the creation of a stationary bike that can power a person’s home by pedaling it for an hour each day.


Manoj Bhargava's bike

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This bike can be used to power lights, appliances, and even charge your phone for an entire day without producing any pollution. According to Bhargava, the machine is “so simple” that he believes it will only cost around $100 to make each bike, and if one were to break, the owner can take it to any bicycle repairman. By early 2016, Bhargava plans on sending out 10,000 stationary bikes in India, but the price each machine will sell for isn’t currently set. It’s still unknown as to how he plans on distributing the large quantity of bikes across the country, but he has stated that they will be made within India.      


In October, the documentary “Billions for Change” was released online, which showcased Bhargava’s bicycle, among other plans he has in progress for creating change throughout the world. Another plan the entrepreneur has in motion is the creation of a machine that can make polluted water and seawater drinkable at a rate of 1,000 gallons an hour. Bhargava hopes to create and release devices that can help people on a large-scale, rather than solely focusing on sending money to charities.     



When he first made his fortune a decade ago, Bhargava sent large donations to hospitals in India. After seeing that his donations were doing very little to solve the root problems people were facing, he developed a research team to focus on helping “a few billion people.”  


“If you have wealth, it’s a duty to help those who don’t,” said Bhargava in the documentary. “Make a difference in people’s lives,” he stated. “Don’t just talk about it.”


Will this cause more billionaires to use their money to help solve the world’s problems? Is Bhargava’s bike likely to help people on a large-scale? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.


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  • About Creativity15. Oct, 2015

    Bring on the opportunity for the planet. Reminder, We have water,food and money on the planet.

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