Your gut health may be controlling your food cravings

Your gut health may be controlling your food cravings

Do you often find yourself reaching for a candy bar, bag of chips, or a soda? This could be caused by microbes in your gut controlling the foods that you crave. Each microbe has a different food source. Sometimes, it’s sugar and other times it’s fat.


Did you know that when your stomach grumbles, it actually isn’t a sign of being hungry. This occurs when your blood sugar levels have dropped, also called hypoglycemia awareness, and so you think you’ve become hungry. In reality, you just need to elevate your blood sugar levels. This is the start of how our body begins to crave foods.


Often, our gut is referred to as our second brain; there are neurons connecting the brain to the enteric nervous system. Our gut is full of microbes that play a little trick on the brain by chemically altering the nerve signals. This causes the brain to become confused and can change taste receptors causing cravings for unnecessary foods.




It has been suggested that gut bacteria is an underlying cause of obesity and heart disease. Our cravings aren’t the only thing that microbes influence; they also influence our moods and manipulate us in order to receive what they need to feed on. Gut bacteria also creates peptides, which are special proteins that help regulate hunger, cravings, and appetite regulations. Our bodies naturally create antibodies to help fight against peptides; this shows that there could be a  connection.


Athena Aktipis, a UCSF psychologist, explains that in her research, she found a correlation between the amount of junk food you consume to the spreading of the junk-craving microbes. If you eat less junk food, the microbes will slowly deteriorate. “Microbes have a lot of potential ways to manipulate us into eating or not eating certain foods. Those microbes would then be under strong pressure to get you to eat more of what they depend on, potentially leading to cravings for those foods,” explains Aktipis


The battle doesn’t stop here. We can actually manipulate our system. You can fight back by taking the proper probiotics and consuming fermented foods. Dr. Gerry Mullin gives a brief explanation of cravings and what snacks we can use to help.



Would you be interested in taking probiotics or eating fermented foods to help decrease your cravings? Let’s talk here, or find me on Instagram @Become_Bright_Within

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