When to ask for help

When to ask for help

As adults, we generally like to be independent and self-sufficient. We are only human, though, and we can’t always do everything on our own. In these moments, it is best to turn to a friend, family member, or even a professional, to help us succeed in our endeavors. Though it may feel discouraging to need assistance from someone else, it’s important to be able to ask for the help you need.


(Flickr/Mario cAoS)

(Flickr/Mario cAoS)

Know when you need help

The first step in getting help is to acknowledge that you need it. Accept that you can’t do everything on your own, and there will be times when you will need to look for an outside source to help you. Once you admit that you need help, you will be halfway there.


Look to those close to you

Sometimes all you need is a little guidance from a loved one — someone to help you sort out your emotions, or a helping hand when building something new. It is easiest to turn to someone close to you, so take advantage of those around you and their personal skillsets.


Know when to call a professional

Other times, the situation is out of reach for you and your loved ones to take care of by yourselves. In these cases, be able to recognize that you may need to call for backup from a professional. Remember that there are people who are trained and certified to assist in difficult situations, and don’t be afraid to reach out to them.


There is no shame in needing help

Just because you can do something on your own, doesn’t mean you have to. It is not you against the world, so don’t be ashamed to ask for some help. Needing help does make you weak or worthless; it makes you human. You will never be a Jack of all trades, so make use of the resources the world has provided you with. In the end, you will be stronger for having gotten the help that you could not provide on your own.


Pay attention

Watch and learn as your helper assists. Whatever the problem may be, there will be steps you can take on your own next time before needing to reach out again. Listen to what they tell you and watch what they do. It will help you have a better understanding of how to fix the situation and you may even learn how to fix the situation for someone else.


Say thank you

Odds are, you will feel grateful in the end for the help you got, so swallow your pride and thank those who helped you. It will show your helper that you appreciate the time and work they spent on you and you may feel more comfortable reaching out to them in the future if need be.


No one can do everything on their own. That’s why the world is filled with people of all trades, all levels of education, and all skillsets. Take advantage of help when it’s offered and know when to ask for it when you need it. It will be that much easier to accomplish your goals when you work as a team rather than as an individual.


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