The significance of animal companionship

The significance of animal companionship

Domesticated animals play a very significant role in our lives. They can be trained for use in therapeutic settings, to be used with fire and police departments, and to help those with disabilities such as blindness or a seizure disorder. More than that, though, our pets become our best of friends and very important loved ones in our lives.


Leo Bustad, one of the founders of the Delta Society, had a revolutionary (and somewhat controversial) idea: the human-animal bond is much like that of the infant-parent bond. These bonds parallel one another in the way that our pets become a large part of our support system, the same way that the parent is a large part of an infant’s support system.


(Flickr/Tim Ueltzen)

(Flickr/Tim Ueltzen)

Having a pet can help you significantly in terms of your health, both physically and mentally. Studies have shown that growing up around animals can help your body create a resistance to different types of allergies and developing eczema. Just the act of petting an animal can lower your heart rate and blood pressure significantly, as it’s been shown to release Oxytocin, or the happy chemical, in the brain. Other studies have shown that people who own pets get sick less often, have lower cholesterol, and are more likely to survive a heart attack.


Living with animals around can also lead to a much happier life. The presence of an animal companion can lower your stress and increase your energy significantly. They have also been known to help decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders, sometimes even more so than medication. The need to keep up with your animal helps you maintain a schedule and keeps you active. And needless to say owning a pet forces one to learn to be responsible for another and helps lead to more positive feelings overall.


Having an animal companion can considerably improve your life in all different forms. They keep you healthy, happy, and feeling safe. It may be a lot of work to take care of them, but the love they give and the happiness you receive is well worth the payoff.


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