Recipe: Curing migraines with Himalayan crystal salt

Recipe: Curing migraines with Himalayan crystal salt

A migraine can cause an array of symptoms for the sufferer, from mild discomfort like light sensitivity, blurred vision, and dizziness; to more severe issues like vomiting and jaw pain. Currently, a cure doesn’t exist and is just as common as your standard headache. Every 1 in 4 people suffer from migraines in the United States. Migraines can last anywhere from hours, all the way to weeks at a time in some cases.


Instead of taking medicine that might end up causing more side effects rather than addressing the real issue, you could take a holistic approach to treating your migraine with a quick, easy-to-make recipe that can help alleviate your migraine almost instantly.


You will need:

2 tsp High concentration Himalayan crystal salts

1 cup Fresh organic lemon juice and zest

1 cup of clean and filtered water

Mix together ingredients until the salt is completely dissolved into the purified water and lemon concoction. Drink as soon as you feel a migraine coming on.


The Himalayan salt will help balance your serotonin levels in your bloodstream, increase your energy, and strengthen your immune system. In addition, the salt will begin to lessen the intensity of a migraine that hits you. One of the most interesting facts is that if you can get a very high-end Himalayan crystal salt, they are made up of 84 different elements and minerals that are already in our bodies, essentially giving us a boost in all the right areas.


When you drink this beverage, it may help clear up any phlegm and mucous in your lungs. It has had a great deal of success in asthma cases and individuals who suffer from cystic fibrosis. Himalayan crystal salts can also help treat poor blood circulation, improve the quality of your sleep, can help strengthen bones, and also helps regulate the water in your body.


Want to learn about 8 health benefits Himalayan salt has for you? Check out this video!



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    A good informative attempt for all those people who suffers from migraines. It is the condition need to be taken seriously as one study indicates that it can put women at risk of heart diseases. Read here:

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