Non-profit grocery store Daily Table gives health food a new price tag

Non-profit grocery store Daily Table gives health food a new price tag

In an era that stresses the importance of clean eating and nutrition, it’s a wonder that wholesome food has largely remained a luxury. As terms like “organic” and “all-natural” remain synonymous with “expensive,” it becomes difficult for families to access to the kind of foods that make for a balanced, nutritious diet.


In an effort to change this reality, former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch has founded a new non-profit supermarket that focuses on one primary goal: making wholesome food affordable.


Doug Rauch posing with signs that read "Daily Table."

Doug Rauch created Daily Table in hopes of bringing affordable healthy and clean foods to promote healthy eating.(

Daily Table, which officially opened its first location in Dorchester, Massachusetts earlier this month, will carry an assortment of common groceries like produce, bread, and dairy products. However, each of these items will come with an uncommonly low price tag. For example, a dozen eggs will sell for $1.19, while an 8-ounce pack of vegetables, like okra, will sell for 29 cents, and corn will sell for 39 cents.


In addition to groceries, Daily Table will also offer a variety of ready-to-cook and grab-and-go type meals. With entrees starting at $1.79 and side dishes starting at 50 cents, the idea is to price these meals low enough to compete with fast food options that are known for financial convenience. In doing so, Daily Table makes healthy eating a realistic option for low-income families that are often forced to put affordability before nutrition.


This pricing will be maintained by Daily Table’s network of supermarkets and other suppliers who will offer the non-profit market special buying opportunities and donations of excess food that would have otherwise gone to waste. This includes, for example, foods that have passed their printed expiration date but are still completely safe to eat.


Rauch is essentially revolutionizing health food shopping as it is now known. He is tackling two very serious societal problems — food waste and affordability of nutritional meals — with one solution.


Rauch has managed to build a brand image rooted in responsibility and positive values from day one by demonstrating a clear commitment to making nutritional meals and options equally accessible to shoppers regardless of socioeconomic status.


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