Hum Nutrition helps improve health and beauty from the inside out

Hum Nutrition helps improve health and beauty from the inside out

In an age rife with tips, tricks, and products to keep your health in tip-top shape, it’s essential for rising health brands to think out of the box in an effort to respond to popular customer demand while setting themselves apart from competitors. British brand Hum Nutrition has done just that by addressing the same needs and demands of consumers as other brands, but doing so by taking a unique approach to supplementation to help promote health and beauty from within.


Hum Nutrition was launched with the goal of reshaping beauty nutrition as we know it. The brand started a line of clinically-researched nutritional supplements that address a variety of health and beauty concerns. Examples of Hum supplements include: Pimp my Calcium, to improve the health of teeth and bones; Beauty zzZz, to  promote restful sleep; Killer Nails, to strengthen nails and hair; Here Comes the Sun, to boost D3 deficient bodies; Skinny Bird, to aid weight loss efforts; Big Chill, to reduce stress; and Red Carpet, to promote glowing skin and shiny hair.


With such a wide range of products, Hum has something for everybody. Yet as more and more brands try to expand their product inventory in an effort to appeal to a greater number of consumers, Hum took the goal of providing something for everyone a step further. By prompting new buyers to complete a short quiz on their website prior to beginning their shopping, Hum seeks to provide customers with a comprehensive health assessment in an effort to provide them with nutritionist-backed product recommendations.


Upon completing the quiz, customers are given a few preliminary suggestions before receiving a more detailed report from one of Hum’s nutritionists. The report not only explains product recommendations, but also suggests changes to lifestyle and diet that might be beneficial to improving health and beauty concerns based on quiz responses.


Beyond providing a unique, personalized approach to nutritional supplementation, Hum is a brand built on one of the most essential values in the health world today: all-natural answers to our health concerns. Hum products contain natural ingredients, like black currant seed oil, sunflower seed oil, turmeric, and green tea extract. With thorough ingredient information on their website, it is easy to know exactly what each supplement contains before putting it in your body. In addition to natural ingredients, Hum products are gluten free, vegetarian and occasionally vegan, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced.


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