Healing the root of heart disease at home

Healing the root of heart disease at home

Do you or someone you know suffer from heart disease? It wouldn’t be surprising if you did; each year, at least 610,000 people die each year from this disease and has been the leading cause of death since 1921. There are ways you can treat this disease at home, and begin to improve your health over time.


The first place you can start is with your diet. Creating a healthy eating plan that revolves around Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) style dishes can help fight heart disease. WFPB diet is known to be an anti-inflammatory diet. The most common ingredients are vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, grains, seeds, and olive oil. This specific diet removes most processed foods, preservatives, and is considerably low in sugar. These are all things that support having a healthy heart by lowering triglyceride levels. Having a WFPB diet can help you maintain a healthy weight.


Another easy way to help improve your health is to make sure you are taking between 1,000 to 2,900 IU of Vitamin D each day. When someone is deficient in Vitamin D, doctors have found a direct link to an increased rate of heart disease. You can take supplements to help; be sure to consult your doctor first. You can also add in Vitamin D rich foods like mushrooms, potatoes, kale, okra, and while beans.


(Med Health)

(Med Health)

When you are stressed out, your cortisol levels are raised, which flares up your body’s inflammatory response. You could try out some stress relieving exercising, cutting out caffeine and cigarette smoking, keeping a journal, meditating, being creative and artistic, participating in group social activities, and making sure to keep a healthy and habitual sleeping schedule. Lowering your stress can also help improve your metabolism, boost your immune system, and in some cases, speed up your body’s natural detoxification.


Incorporating regular exercise into your lifestyle can also reduce your risk of heart disease. Exercise helps your body fight heart disease is by encouraging healthy blood flow and circulation. With permission from your doctor, you can try to engage in metabolic conditioning exercises, which are often a high intensity workout and for shorter period of time.


Our body is capable of repairing itself, to some level. You have the choice every day to try and assist the healing process.


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