Delaware loosens marijuana laws

Delaware loosens marijuana laws

On June 18, Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed a law that will decriminalize the possession and use of pot.


Photo of Delaware Governor Markell in front of a United States flag.

Citizens in Delaware can now walk freely in possession of a minimal amount of marijuana, but are still subject to searches and confiscations. (

Delaware may be changing its drug laws, but this doesn’t mean it’s legal to walk around the state with large amounts of pot and openly smoking it in public. This new statute allows those in Delaware to have no more than one ounce of the drug in their possession without facing criminal charges. However, police are still allowed to confiscate marijuana from you despite the quantity.


If you plan on blazing out in Delaware, make sure it is in private, or risk a $100 civil ticket for public use. The penalty for this infraction was much higher pre-bill when it was a misdemeanor punishable by jail time and a fine of up to $1,150. The bill was recently signed, but marijuana enthusiasts will still have to wait six months before it fully goes into effect.


On Tuesday, Markell continued to loosen drug laws in Delaware by also signing a bill that immediately changed the medical marijuana program for children. Minors now have access to the drug if suffering from intractable epilepsy or a condition that isn’t responding well to other treatments. Their illness must also cause them severe pain, unbending nausea or constant muscle spasms to qualify.


The bill isn’t giving these kids free reign over their choice of the drug, but instead it limits them to cannabis oil with a maximum of 7 percent THC. Now that Delaware is making big changes to their drug laws, time will tell what impact this will have, and whether or not more states will follow their lead.


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