Cannabis oil in Texas: Governor to decide fate of medical marijuana bill

Cannabis oil in Texas: Governor to decide fate of medical marijuana bill

Texas governor Greg Abbott has been placed with the decision on whether to allow the limited use of medical marijuana in the Lone Star state. The bill passed through the Texas house last Tuesday, which would allow the use of cannabis oil to treat patients suffering from intractable epilepsy.


The bill is specific to only patients with intractable epilepsy, whose seizures are not controlled by usual treatments. It allows for a very low dosage of marijuana to be administered. The dosage is so low that the effects of the marijuana plant would not take place, deeming it usable as a regular medical treatment. All other patients with other medical conditions would be prohibited from this low dosage.


Close up shot of cannabis oil extract in a tube.

Cannabis oil is a small enough dosage of marijuana that has the ability to treat patients without yielding other effects that downplay the plant’s image. (

In the past, any bill dealing with the legalization of marijuana was not entertained, so why the sudden change of heart? Republican Rep. Stephanie Klick claimed she was against any form of legalization of medical marijuana or cannabis oil until she learned the positive impact the oil can have on patients suffering from severe epilepsy.


Even though the bill is very limited on the medical use of cannabis oil, many supporters for marijuana rights are seeing it as a baby step in the right direction. Other supporters are calling the bill “unworkable” and are criticizing lawmakers for not completely legalizing medical marijuana, as 23 other states have.


Governor Abbott, previously serving as the state’s attorney, has been in office since January.  He stated that he does not see the decriminalization of marijuana happening this year but sees this bill as a chance to improve the lives of specific patients. Regardless of the bill’s outcome and one’s position, the discussion of this topic serves as a historic event in Texas.


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