Can Vitamin C fight cancer?

Can Vitamin C fight cancer?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a nutrient that can be found in some foods, like oranges, peppers, and dark leafy vegetables like kale and broccoli. The average recommended intake for adults is 90mg for men and 75mg for women, however if you smoke you should increase your amount by 35mg. In order to fight off cancerous cells, natural health experts recommend higher daily doses of Vitamin C, around 1,000-3,000mg daily.


(Integrative Veterinary Center)

(Integrative Veterinary Center)

Scientist Linus Pauling has always recommend that if you are dealing with serious health issues, then you might consider 6,000mg or 10,000mg. This number wasn’t taken seriously until results from studies started aligning with Pauling’s ideas.


Vitamin C can help prevent cancer growth because it is a natural antioxidant. This antioxidant will attack the free radicals in your body — these are aging and cancer causing molecules coming into your body through cigarette smoking, pollution, herbicides, and even ultraviolet rays from the sun.


Vitamin C can help prevent cancers from metastasizing. In the body, there are cells that are sent on behalf of the immune system, called natural killer (NK) cells. When NK cells go out, they specifically attack the tumor cells and other free radicals.


When treated with a high dose of Vitamin C, test results will reveal slowed growth of prostate, pancreatic, neuroblastoma, liver, and other cancer cells. When you combine radiation therapy with a high dosage of Vitamin C, the cancer cells are killed much faster than through radiation therapy alone.


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