Can Thiamine help with thyroid conditions?

Can Thiamine help with thyroid conditions?

Do you happen to suffer from thyroid fatigue? Are your adrenals stressed out? No worries, Thiamine is coming to your rescue to help you lessen the symptoms of having a thyroid condition. Other symptoms also include weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight, coarse dry hair, dry rough pale skin, hair loss, sensitivity to cold temperatures, and muscle cramps.


A thyroid condition begins in one of two ways.Your thyroid is either not making enough hormones which is called, hypothyroidism, or your thyroid is making too many hormones, this is known as hyperthyroidism. These hormones are responsible for practically all of the metabolic processes in your system. This process occurs when your body breaks down the hormones and uses them for energy and heating your core temperature.




Thiamine is commonly known as B1 vitamin and the main task for this vitamin is to help your body turn carbohydrates into usable energy. Thiamine also helps your body digest proteins and fats. When your levels are depleted, your body has to work much harder. The daily recommended intake of Thiamine is at least 1mg for both men and women, however Naturopathic doctors say 50mg daily is recommended to help your thyroid condition,


The Department of Neurological Rehabilitation based in Clinic Villa Immacolata, Viterbo, Italy completed a study in 2014 that proved thiamine can help aid thyroid problems, specifically Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Three patients were given either 600mg pills daily or parenteral 100mg/ml every four days. This is such an increase in the daily recommended value, because their bodies are so depleted from having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis that they need a large dose to help increase the thyroid gland functionality. They discovered that when the patients thiamine levels were boosted higher, they had partial or complete regression of their fatigue in the matter of days, in some cases just hours.


Often we believe we are getting all of the vitamins and nutrition we need from our daily diet, however that isn’t usually the case, even if you’re eating a well balanced diet. Taking supplements can actually help boost up your levels of nutrients and vitamins, so your body can function at a better rate.


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