7 30-minute workouts you can do at home

7 30-minute workouts you can do at home

Let’s face it; not everyone can afford an expensive gym membership, or maybe life just gets away from you and leaves you with no time to work out.


Here, we have seven ways you can workout at at home, in less than 30 minutes a day. The only thing you need to bring to the table on this is your own personal motivation!


1. Playground Workout
Yes, you heard me. You can get a full-body workout on the playground, with or without your children! The most important part is the cool down, this will keep you from being too sore and prevent injuries. You can start getting your heart pumping by running around the park for for five to 10 minutes, even toss in some jumping jacks, walking lunges, and especially butt-kicks. Then, you can workout your upper body on the monkey bars by doing pull-ups, tire tosses (if you have a tire wing), and even bench push-ups. Just be creative!


2. Gilad Workout Videos
Yes, these 45 minute DVD workouts are a little out of our 30 minutes range here, but it never feels like a long workout. He combines Pilates with functional movements that help engage your core muscles. He is also very encouraging during the workout and reminds you that it’s okay to do baby steps. You can’t reach your toes? Reach as far as you can and Gilad will bet one day very soon, you will be able to!


3. Jumping Rope
Did you know that you can burn off 350 calories in 30 minutes by jumping rope? Holy smokes, get that burn on! You can purchase a rope, or you can simply imitate holding a rope as long as your body is making the same motions. You can do cross rope jumping, double jumping, see how many jumps per min you can get up to. The options are endless!


Yoga is a great workout for the body and mind.

Yoga is a great workout for the body and mind.

4. Yoga
Yoga is a really refreshing exercise. It helps lengthen your muscles, relieve stress, and increase your flexibility. Yoga also focuses on repeating moves that help target main muscle groups, as well as getting your heart rate up and going.


5. Mix It Up!
You can also just mix it up; you could do jumping jacks for a few minutes, lunges, squats, stairclimbers. Then, go into stretching and release the tension from those movements. Then, transition into doing a series of crunches and situps. Continue from one exercise straight into the next, keeping your heart rate up and in the fat burning zone!


6. Burpee Challenge!
Burpees are one of the internet’s personal favorites because they are a full-body workout! Challenge yourself and see how many you can do in 30-minutes, or if you are just beginning, you can always do a set of five and then follow it up with a set of 15 push-ups and continue back into burpees.


7. Workout Video With Marissa

Lastly, for you visual learners, here is a great Video! Marissa shows you a 30-minute workout video that you can do in the comfort of our own home without any equipment!


Which exercise idea are you going to use? Let’s talk here, or find me on Twitter @Become_Bright_Within

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