5 ways to love the little things

5 ways to love the little things

Being today’s version of a functional member of society comes with a lot of responsibility! There is a lot of time spent on work tasks, personal development goals, family, fitness, hobbies, spiritual enrichment, and staying plugged in to social media and news to know what’s going on in the world. How is anyone supposed to find the time to smell the roses anymore?


Here are some tips to help you get started on your road to zen.


(Flickr/Alda Cravo Al-Saude)

(Flickr/Alda Cravo Al-Saude)

Put away the electronics.

Nobody wants to hear it because we’re all addicted to our little screens, but they have to be turned off every now and then. Constantly having access to every little bit of information is not always healthy. Learn to put down the device and pick up a book instead. You’ll feel much less stressed being able to let go of the Kardashians for five minutes.


Go outside.

There’s so much right outside your front door, if you only go out there and find it. Put some time aside specifically for going outside and enjoying the fresh air. Sit outside and watch the clouds. Listen to the birds. It will make you much more relaxed.


Talk to your grandparents.

Yes, their stories may be boring sometimes, but there is so much you can learn from them. The reason they tell you all of these stories is to teach you about the world, after all they have been through it. Ask questions and really listen to the answers. There’s so much you can get out of it.


Wake up in a good mood.

Mornings are a tough time for everyone, but try to start the day in as good a mood as possible. While you’re eating breakfast — which you should definitely do to improve your days — think about the good things you have planned for the day. Go over your schedule and get excited for the stuff you really want to do. Your energy will build up quicker when you know something good is coming your way.


There is good in every day.

After you’ve had your good day, write down what made it so special. Try to do that for as many days as you can. Even if you didn’t have the best day, write down one good thing that happened. You’ll be amazed at how easily you can find joy in life when you’re able to look back at a list of good things that happened every day.


It can be hard to fight the bustling chaos of the world, but try to make time for yourself. Try to do things that you enjoy doing as much as possible, and it will significantly increase your day-to-day happiness.


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