5 tips for a productive summer vacation

5 tips for a productive summer vacation

The summer is just around the corner; what are your plans? Start planning for a productive and rewarding season now before it’s too late!


While the United States is the only advanced economy in the world that does not guarantee its workers paid vacation, American students typically enjoy summer vacations upwards of several months.


Don’t let this time off become a waste. Read on to see how you can make the most of your summer vacation:


1. If you’re going to have a substantial amount of time off, give time back. Realize that having leisure time is no student right; it’s a privilege. Instead of napping or burning to a crisp on the beach, volunteer. Find a nearby volunteer-based organization, and lend them some of your own time that would otherwise dissolve into boredom and self-loathing.


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Check out local charities to see how you can contribute to your community. Don’t just live somewhere; create somewhere. (fuf.net)

2. While it’s probably a myth that spending 10,000 hours practicing something will make you an expert, this shouldn’t stop you from trying. Use the summer to pick up a new hobby — pick up an instrument, or learn how to write code — and when the school year resumes, continue whatever it is you set out to do.


3. Use the summer to expand your mind! Each day, try to engage your mind in a new way. Instead of binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix, watch a documentary. Instead of walking around to Drake’s new album, find an interesting podcast.


4. Work on your employability by looking for a job or an internship related to your desired career field. This will allow you to spice up your resume a bit and to develop relevant skills that will come in handy down the road.


5. Be healthy! During the summer you can devote more of your time to yourself, and develop healthier habits. And don’t limit yourself to bodily health. Prioritize not only your body’s health, but that of the environment and your local community. Make greener choices; volunteer and donate used clothing.


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Ryan Lawless

Ryan Lawless is an undergraduate student at Fordham University. He studies English and Spanish as majors, and philosophy as a minor. He won the Margaret Lamb Writing to the Right-Hand Margin award for creative fictional writing, and has been published in Fordham's literary magazine The Ampersand, and its newspaper, The Observer. Ryan grew up in New York, but is also an Irish citizen. He enjoys fiddles, coffee, and music.

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