5 free apps for a healthier, happier you

5 free apps for a healthier, happier you

Though there are many critics of modern society’s obsession with technology, your smartphone could have a hugely beneficial impact on your bodily health. Check out the five free smartphone apps below that can turn your phone into your doctor, your personal trainer, and your running buddy.


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Twelve-step programs come via your smart phone with LiveStrong’s MyQuit Coach. (examiner.com)

1. If you’ve ever wanted to quit smoking, you’ve more than likely discovered that it is a difficult process and have fallen back into old habits.  Make your next attempt easier and increase the likelihood of quitting with LiveStrong’s MyQuit Coach. The app designs a personalized quitting plan, and tracks your cravings and cigarettes smoked in your quit journey. Check it out here.


2. Have you ever wanted to run and thought, “But I’m just not a runner”? Think negatively no more! Zen Labs’ C25K Trainer is a user-friendly motivational app that will have you off the couch in no time. The C25K program (“couch to 5 kilometers”) is designed to gradually work runners with virtually no experience into 5K shape. Get off of the couch and click here


3. Pact will help you to stay healthy or make you pay for it, literally. The app is free, but paid for by users who don’t meet their health goals. Pact tracks gym visits, workouts, and meal consumption. If you don’t meet the goals and restrictions that you set for yourself, your account will be charged for preset amounts. If you’re willing to start a healthier lifestyle and don’t like the idea of paying for not sticking to it, Pact may be for you.


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WebMD is now available as a smart phone application but should not replace your doctor! (wisegeek.com)

4. Weightbot describes themselves as a “weight-tracking robot.” This app has an aesthetically pleasing user interface that tracks your weight to help you lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your current weight. Additionally, Weightbot tracks your progress on an informative graph. Get those pounds under control by clicking here


5. You don’t have to go to medical school to give a solid diagnosis (although you should always ask a doctor if you have any major concerns). WebMD’s app helps to determine the issues behind certain symptoms, reminds you to take time-sensitive medication, provides information for first aid emergency situations, and more. Click here and check out this free app for yourself.


Though smartphones can be a handy tool for fitness goals, never underestimate the personal advice and experience of others. Share your own tips below in the comments section or on Twitter @ryanlawlessness.

Ryan Lawless

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