4 delicious recipes to take eggs from breakfast staple to the dinner table

4 delicious recipes to take eggs from breakfast staple to the dinner table

Eggs are a popular and incredibly versatile breakfast item, whether they’re serving as a side show or the main attraction. But with a bit of creativity, it’s easy to shake up — or should we say, scramble up — eggs’ reputation as a simple breakfast ingredient with potential for creating great meals all day long.


Read on to see four of our favorite savory egg recipes that can help you change things up for dinner and reinvent one of the most common ingredients in your kitchen.


Real Simple's Herb and Chili Spaghetti with Eggs dish


Herb and Chili Spaghetti with Eggs

Spaghetti is always a fast and easy dinner idea that can satisfy anyone at the table. Put a new spin on an old favorite with this recipe from Real Simple, which draws its flavor from a mix of herbs, sharp Parmesan cheese, and spicy red chili peppers. A fried egg topper takes the dish to a new level, giving it a creaminess from the yolk, as well as a boost of protein.







Image of North African dish, Shakshuka



A traditional North African dish, shakshuka is as popular for its flavor as it is for its simplicity. With a thick and spicy tomato sauce as its base, this recipe from Delish uses bell peppers, jalapenos, onions, and cumin, providing a distinctly rich flavor. Eggs are added to indentations in the completed sauce and left to simmer for several minutes before the meal is ready to serve, and you can skip the silverware. This dish is traditionally served right in its skillet, and is eaten with bread.





Image of Bon Appetit's Avocado and Fried Egg Rice Bowl


Avocado and Fried Egg Rice Bowl

You may already know, thanks to your local Chinese eatery, that eggs and rice are a pretty fabulous mix. Instead of going for a traditional fried rice recipe — i.e. takeout — shake things up with this rice bowl recipe from Bon Appetit. A brown rice base makes the dish rich in fiber, while avocados contribute healthy fats. Add a fried egg topper for a protein kick, making the dish a well-rounded (and delicious!) meal overall.






Image of The Kitchn's Olive-Pesto Polenta with Poached Egg


Olive-Pesto Polenta with Poached Egg

Similar in consistency to grits, polenta is a grain made from cornmeal that can make a great base for vegetable or protein rich dishes. It’s also a good gluten-free substitute for grains like rice and pasta. In this recipe from The Kitchn, a cheesy, creamy polenta is perfectly paired with a homemade olive and basil pesto sauce. The combination is topped with a poached egg to balance out the starch-heavy mixture with some protein.





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