Opinion: Living The Pure Barre Fitness Lifestyle

Opinion: Living The Pure Barre Fitness Lifestyle

“What’s so special about Pure Barre?” my mother asked me the other morning. She had never seen her daughter sweat so much before sunrise.


Founded by Carrie Rezabek Dorr in 2001, Pure Barre is a dance-inspired regimen for individuals seeking full-body sculpting exercises. You don’t even have to have previous dance experience to enjoy the workout. After just two classes, the instructor welcomes you by name; she doesn’t just give you this special treatment, either, as all of the regulars receive individualized attention throughout the class. Totally different from the icy shrieks we endured as young dancers in Miss Pixie’s pointe class, right?


Pure Barre initially caught my eye a few years ago; the remodeled space we used for each session, seemed more like a housewives haven decked out in red “P” monograms. This judgment materialized after I noticed how many pretty pennies it would cost me to don that P.  I really have my longtime friend Caroline to thank for helping me shed that pessimism and instead pick up a red tube. If she had not sung the praises of the workout that toned her bum in less than ten classes, I might not have given it a chance. Thank the fitness gods I was wrong.


Fast forward a month later and I was hooked. When my “new client special” ended it took nearly four months until I couldn’t stand being away from barre any longer. Since Dorr’s idea transformed into a franchise with over 200 studios throughout the country and more opening each month, I immediately found and registered at a newly debuted Barre studio in my town.


The workout doesn’t just appeal to ex-dancers. Some clients with no dance experience interested in toning various parts of the body, start with a beginners class to learn the correct form and then they continue on to more advanced classes. The music also helps with the exercise routines. The franchise chooses an upbeat, club playlist for barre work exercises. It’s somehow easier to focus your way through an isometric hold when you’re concentrating on the lyrics to Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.”


Other clients cite the power of the personal hour they get during each barre workout. All loaded thoughts drift away during those 55 minutes while the music and the instructor push you, inspiring you not give up. It’s probably the only way to hold a tuck in the plank position for a whopping ninety seconds. Using the barre and an individual’s own body weight as resistance produces the freaky fast results that cause both women and men to slim and trim in record amounts of time.


As an ex-ballet dancer who couldn’t wait to trade in her Dance Moms-esque coach for a college tailgate, trying Pure Barre on a whim has kept me in high spirits, altered my daily routine, and the results of the Pure Barre lifestyle are amazing. If you want a dancer’s tone and body shape, you should employ the Pure Barre lifestyle.


Are you a fan of the lift, tone, burn? What makes Pure Barre such an effective work out? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro

Kelsey Browne

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