We are Falling for Aritzia’s #FallForUs Campaign

We are Falling for Aritzia’s #FallForUs Campaign

Have you heard of the Canadian chic, edgy, and urban store Aritzia? To be honest, we are a little surprised if you haven’t. Aritzia has risen to the top of clothing stores for young adults. Often described as Nordstrom’s edgier sister, the store outfits 20 to 30 year olds in the newest and best high quality clothing. Their style is effortlessly cool, and their latest #FallForUS campaign exemplifies the effortless-yet-better-than-thou looks.


Not only is their latest campaign exceptionally styled, Aritzia takes it to the next level by using the most fashionable it-girls to model their campaign. Over 90 inspiring people were involved in the campaign. Everyone from actresses, musicians, models, and fashion editors came together for the #FallForUs campaign. With celebrities like Jamie Chung, Portia Doubleday, and Samira Wiley wearing the fall collection, it’s finally possible for us mere mortals to both dress, and learn about, our celeb crushes. There’s no way that’s a bad thing.


Anna Camp in #FallForUs Campaign (www.Aritzia.com)

Anna Camp in #FallForUs Campaign (Aritzia.com)

What is more, the campaign is not only a collection of photos, but an interactive experience. After taking photos, Aritzia asks the talented models personal questions. The end result? An ad campaign that allows the viewer to see more than just a pretty face wearing pretty clothes. It’s possible to learn about one’s idols and about what inspires them to wear what they do, as well as better understand what makes them who they are. Models fill in the blanks on questions written before hand, confessing secrets like what their spirit animal is and who their first celebrity crush was.


It’s an innovative new take on fashion that subverts the idea that a model should be nothing more than a portable rack to showcase a supposedly more talented designers creations. Through this campaign, Aritzia teaches us that although their clothes are both exciting and interesting, the people who wear them are even more so.


Unlike normal clothing websites, the fall collection on the Aritzia website is drawn together like a blog, where pieces and mixed in with celebrity profiles, and a collection of floating quotes. All together, it is nothing short of a professional good time.


The website invites shoppers to “join the party.” From the behind the scenes video of the photo shoot, we wish we had been invited a little earlier. The combination of talented, beautiful people all in one place looks nothing short of a party.


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