The ultimate baby bag: TOMS expands its One for One mission with bags, birth kits

The ultimate baby bag: TOMS expands its One for One mission with bags, birth kits

TOMS is a company that has built a strong business model on the foundation of a simple concept: giving back to those in need. Through its unique One for One mission, TOMS started off by matching every pair of shoes purchased with a new pair of shoes for children in need. From there, TOMS expanded its One for One mission by going beyond the gift of shoes and providing the gift of sight and the gift of water. The former is given through sight-saving surgery, prescription glasses, or medical treatment to an individual in need for every TOMS Eyewear purchase; the latter, through support water systems purchased by TOMS Roasting Co. in the regions where their coffee beans are sourced.


Now, TOMS has gone even one step further by launching TOMS Bags, which fulfills the One for One mission by matching each TOMS Bags purchase with birth kits, prenatal training, and healthy delivery for newborns and moms in need. Each birth kit provided will include such important tools, such as gloves, soap, a clean surface, and a surgical blade. Delivery training will be provided to needy soon-to-be mothers in countries, like Ethiopia, India, and Haiti.


According to the TOMS website, infection is a leading cause of death for new mothers and newborns around the world. Being able to present women in need with the knowledge and tools to help ensure cleaner, safer deliveries is something that can ultimately save millions of lives and make necessary advancements in global maternal health a reality.


Through its One for One mission, TOMS has truly taken the principles of corporate responsibility to new heights. Not only is this a company that has realized corporate responsibility in a novel way by empowering consumers to allow their purchases to directly impact the lives of individuals around the world, but it is one that has changed what it means to be committed to sustainability.


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