The LinkedIn Of Fashion: How VillageLuxe Connects New Yorkers To Designer Fashions

The LinkedIn Of Fashion: How VillageLuxe Connects New Yorkers To Designer Fashions

The city of New York just became a bit more trendy, if that was even possible.


Imagine having the chance to dress the part of a New York  Fashion Week model without forking over the funds to pay the price of designer finds.  Sounds just like Heaven, right?  One stylishly enterprising team had the inspiration to create this opportunity in their community where otherwise there would be none.



Spreading the love (and one’s designer handbag) is all about what VillageLuxe  promotes. At its  core, the company connects users and their designer pieces with other fashionistas in their vicinity.  Village Luxe targets various groups of women in the New York City fashion scene and therefore appeals to a diverse clientele.



In addition to building a community of trendy fashionistas and keeping costs at bay by offering up luxury designer fashion for less — think rocking Valentino pumps for around $50 a week, the company also offers a home delivery service to its users.



What makes VillageLuxe shine? Our editorial team got the chance to speak directly with  Julia Gurdish, one of the company’s co-founders, and we discovered  just how much creativity and business savvy go hand-in-hand.



We got to speak candidly with Gurdish about her company’s mission and what drives her to persist in the competitive world of fashion. Check out what she had to say and don’t forget to keep VillageLuxe on your radar. We have a feeling they’re here to stay.



  1. What sets VillageLuxe apart from other fashion membership sites?


VillageLuxe is an invite-only community that allows members to rent designer pieces – anything from Chanel bags to Louboutins to Balenciaga jackets — from fashionable women around them. We also empower members to monetize their own closet (without selling), by renting out the pieces they aren’t wearing that week.



  1. Who is your target market? Who uses the services the most? – Which demographic, age range, etc..


While we’re still invite-only, we’ve seeded the marketplace by targeting women working within the fashion industry in New York. They have access to fashion you sometimes can’t even buy in stores and have the types of closets we’d all die to rent from. Our demographic spans from women in their 20s obsessed with Isabel Marant to those in their 40s and 50s who love Lanvin. The possibilities for finding amazing and unique pieces in closets around NYC are endless.


  1. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while working on the VillageLuxe team?


A few words of inspiration I’d share with any aspiring entrepreneur. Find an idea that you know you will regret not pursuing. Then, do your research. Hustle. Be flexible. Stay inspired. Don’t lose sight of the big picture. And pursue your dreams.



Thanks for making our fashion dreams come true, VillageLuxe.


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